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Leadership needs learning

Talent and leadership skills don’t appear out of the blue – they must be nurtured and allowed to grow. At Continental, every employee has the opportunity to take on new challenges, grow professionally, and develop their strengths. Our managers are responsible for helping our employees develop to their full potential. With this in mind, our leadership and corporate culture is built on communicating values, fostering constructive self-criticism, giving feedback, showing appreciation, and creating the necessary space for creative processes.

Challenging jobs – comprehensive training​​​​​​​

Digitalization means rapid and constant change – and increasingly complex roles and responsibilities for managers. We help our employees with leadership potential grow into the demanding challenges of digital transformation. Our Leadership Development Program Architecture contains a multifaceted portfolio of leadership and management development programs which have been standardized across our international locations. It can be tailored to meet individual learning needs, giving managers the effective support they need on their leadership journeys.

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