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Continental Idea Management

We welcome the ideas of our employees – our experts around the globe

Questioning the way things are done, thinking outside the box, daring to step off the beaten track – Continental values and fosters these abilities because they lead to suggestions that help us become even better.

To ensure that good ideas don’t just happen by accident and important suggestions don’t drown in a flood of everyday concerns, Continental has established various internal steering mechanisms. These foster discussion and creativity among our employees and make sure that everyone’s ideas are heard. After all, the ingenuity of our employees plays a major part in safeguarding Continental’s capacity for innovation and competitiveness, and ultimately the success of our Company.

Back in 1930, Continental already had a system in place for submitting suggestions, allowing employees to contribute ideas for improving products and processes. Today our employees can use the Continental Idea Management (CIM) program to submit ideas for optimizing and streamlining work processes, supported and encouraged by idea managers around the globe.

The results are impressive. In the last four years, our employees’ good ideas not only made our workflows better, more efficient and safer, but also saved the Company around €550 million. One idea submitted in Germany was even named the “Best employee idea of 2016” by the German Institute for Idea and Innovation Management.