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Working Outside the Box

With regular training courses, overseas assignments and sabbaticals we offer our employees numerous opportunities for long-term personal and professional development. But what does a normal working day look like at Continental? And, in a world that is turning increasingly fast, how do we ensure that the way we work stays efficient and up to date?

We make sure to provide our employees with the tools they need to successfully tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. E-mails can be answered on smartphones, tablets, or laptops wherever employees happen to be. Teleconferences and web-based meetings bridge the gaps between countries and time zones to supplement our face-to-face meetings. We don’t just hold discussions and share ideas in offices, but in “creative rooms” designed especially for that purpose. And if certain colleagues aren’t available when you want them, our ConNext internal social network offers you plenty of opportunities for documenting knowledge and experience and sharing it with others – by formulating entries in wikis, exchanging opinions in discussion forums, and networking with colleagues around the globe.

These are all ways in which we facilitate working outside the box. All with the aim of creating space for creativity and innovation – and being equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges.