Morphing Controls

Buttons from nothing:

Continental exhibits functional surfaces for the driver’s cab of the future.

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The Garage – Perfect Grip with adidas and Continental

Konstantin and Chris explain how the expertise in tire research makes adidas running shoes faster and why more grip is not just important to the marathon runner.

Beauty in motion: The new Continental image film

Why the future of mobility is all about innovation – and time does not stand still.

driverless car experts

Telling it like it is: A frank conversation with two driverless car experts.

When Ralph Lauxmann and Ibro Muharemovic discuss automated driving, you can expect a pretty intense conversation – mixed with a lot of laughter.

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“The Garage”: Charging lesson with Oliver

How to recharge your electric vehicle quickly and easily? This episode of The Garage describes the current charging challenges and demonstrates the possibilities of how to solve those with the new AllCharge technology.