OUR Basics live
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Functioning communities are based on shared values. In the case of Continental, these are: Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act and For One Another. But are they also being lived out in everyday practice?

Our BASICS are the basis for our success as a company. They describe our vision, our mission, our four values and the behavior we desire to cultivate. In short, they define what Continental stands for, what drives us forward and how we want to work together.

OUR BASICS Live is an important tool for improving our corporate culture and for cooperation within the company. Since as early 2004 we have been surveying our employees on a regular basis to ascertain their experiences of their direct working environment; what they value about their work, working conditions, the company and its culture; and where there is still room for improvement.

The survey is confidential, the answers are anonymous and participation is voluntary. It is conducted in more than 30 languages. More than 140,000 employees from a good 30 or so countries took part in the 2015 survey.

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Ringing endorsement of the corporate values

What we are particularly pleased about is that around 80% of employees indicated that they were proud to be working for Continental. 85% stated that they fully supported the four corporate values. The value of Trust was considered to be the most important, followed by Passion To Win, Freedom To Act and For One Another. Our employees saw room for improvement in the implementation of values in day-to-day business, particularly matters relating to management culture, equal opportunities and diversity.

The results of the survey form the starting point for developing specific workshops and seminars for our employees and, as such, play an active role in the further development of our company and its culture.