Energy consumption

The total energy requirements in the year under review rose by 12.2% to 33 million GJ (2015: 29.3 million GJ) Electricity accounted for 16.3 million GJ and fossil fuels for 16.7 million GJ.

The data acquisition comprises 195 environment-related locations, 170 of which are certified to ISO 14001. The specific energy consumption increased by roughly 5.1% to 819 GJ per € million adjusted sales (2015: 777 GJ) in the year under review. The reason for this is that environmental data from a major acquisition was included for the first time, although its sales were already included in 2015 in association with the consolidation. 

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The fossil fuel share includes 3.4 million GJ of purchased steam and 79,840 GJ of district heating. The quantity of self-generated renewable energy was 2,907 GJ. No energy was sold to third parties during the period under review. 

The cited key figures were reviewed by the auditing firm KPMG and verified with an ISAE 3000 certificate.

* Before changes in the scope of consolidation