Waste generation and disposal

In 2016, the corporation produced 353,000 metric tons of waste in total (2015: 310,085 t). This figure is made up of 74,421 metric tons of waste for disposal and 278,464 metric tons of waste for recycling. The recycling quota is 78.9%. The absolute increase by approx. 12.2% is a result of the increased production volume, acquisitions and consolidation of waste collection. In 2016, approx.

8.6% of the waste was hazardous (2015: 1%). The specific quantity of waste per € million of adjusted sales increased in the year under review from 8.2 t/€ million to 8.8 t/€ million. This represents an increase in the specific value of 7.3%. The reason for this is that environmental data from a major acquisition was included for the first time, although its sales were already included in 2015 in association with the consolidation.

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We are striving for a specific waste volume of 6.8 metric tons per € million of adjusted sales and a recycling rate of 90% by 2020.

The cited key figures were reviewed by the auditing firm KPMG and verified with an ISAE 3000 certificate.

* Before changes in the scope of consolidation