Water consumption

Overall, water requirements rose by 15.4% to 19.3 million m³ in 2016 (2015: 16.7 million m³). The specific requirements increased compared with 2015 from 442 to 480 m³ per € million of adjusted sales – this represents an increase in the specific value of 8.6%. The reason for this is that environmental data from a major acquisition was included for the first time, although its sales were already included in 2015 in association with the consolidation. By 2020, we want to reduce specific water consumption to 394 m³ per € million of adjusted sales. 

The water requirements are covered by public networks (approx. 48%), wells (approx. 37%) and river water (approx. 14%).

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We are developing a concept for water risk areas in order to achieve a more targeted response to water risks. The objective is to be able to react better to the negative effects of water shortages and to align goals related to water consumption at our locations and savings projects to the challenges of the specific regions.

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* Before changes in the scope of consolidation